Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jamie's Third on Camera Spanking!

It's been my experience that most young women don't see their themselves as being a brat when they're being one.  Jamie had gotten away with a lot of things growing up.  Her parents divorced when she was young and she lived with her father who was hardly ever home.  She could skip school, stay out late, smoke, experiment with drugs, eat when she wanted, sleep when she wanted and all before she was even 12 years old.

What she knew she needed was the discipline she never got growing up and she needed structure in her life.  She needed and wanted to be put in her place for the right things.  She didn't want to be controlled and I don't want to control anyone.  She simply needed someone to care enough to teach her what she didn't learn growing up.

At first it seemed like she was making it her mission to push it to the limit and test how far I would allow her to go.  After spending some time together on a Saturday she began acting like a brat.  Pouting and giving me an attitude because I had to go became a frequent reason for her spending time looking at the carpet or even the floor board of my truck.

 After driving up to her new motel room I decided to park and she thought I was going to be dropping her off.  Instead I explained that she would be going up to her room, getting ready for her spanking and that if she wasn't ready when I got to her room she'd get a worse spanking than the one she had coming.

When I got to her room she was sitting on the end of the bed and naked from the waist down.  I walked in, took her by the arm, sat down and put her across my lap and her spanking began.  

She got spanked in a variety of positions that day too.  I had two flip cameras with me and put them at different angles.  I discovered later that having the T.V. on to mask the spanking proved impossible to edit them together so I sell two videos of the same spanking but different view points.  Either way she gets what she needed and deserved.

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